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Andrew Binley, Lancaster University, UK (email:


Professor Giorgio Cassiani, Università di Milano – Bicocca, Italy (email: )
Dr. Ingelise Møller Balling, Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Denmark (email: )
Associate Professor Esben.Auken, University of Aarhus, Denmark (email: )
Majken Looms, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (email: )
Dr. Anders Vest Christiansen, University of Aarhus, Denmark (email: )




juni 15 2006 - juni 17 2006




May 23, 2006



This course aims to provide training in the use of geophysical methods for hydrological investigations. The focus will be on geoelectrical and georadar methods, although other methods will be covered. Students will learn about the relationships between hydrological and geophysical properties and how to design and carry out surveys using geophysical techniques. Hands-on training in the use of inverse methods for analysis of hydrogeophysical data will be given. Case studies will be presented to demonstrate the potential value of geophysics in hydrological investigations, from small plot scale to large scale studies. We will outline the limitations of current hydrogeophysical methods and identify specific challenges facing the community.


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List of participants:

Alessandro Brovelli, University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy (mail to
Ali Shahnazari, Veterinary and Agricultural University, Denmark (mail to
Arni Valur Antonsson, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (mail to
Benjamin Creutzfeldt, GeoResearchInstitute Potsdam, Germany (mail to
Burke Minsley, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA (mail to
Camilla Christiansen, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark (mail to
Hengst, Rico, GeoResearchInstitute Potsdam, Germany (mail to
Jarkko Okkonen, University of Oulu, Finland (mail to
Jianlin Fu, Universidad Politecnic de Valencia , Spain (mail to
John Mary Kiberu, Technische Universität Berlin, A.Geophy, Germany (mail to
Lieke van Roosmalen, Geological Institute, University of Cope, Denmark (mail to
Majken Looms, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (mail to
Markus Hirsch, Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ), Germany (mail to
Meththika Vithanage, University of Copenhagen, Denmark (mail to
Mohammad Bagher Farmani, University of Oslo, Norway (mail to
Nicolas Forquet, University Louis Pasteur ENGEES, FRANCE (mail to
Omar Daraghmeh, Veterinary and Agricultural University , Denmark (mail to
Peter Scharling, Geological Survey of Denmark, Denmark (mail to
Rasmus Foldager, University of Copenhagen, Danmark (mail to
Rasmus Juhl Tølbøll, University of Aarhus, Denmark (mail to
Rebecca Bell, National Ocaeonography Centre, United Kingdom (mail to
Roberta Blasone, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark (mail to
Vladimira Jelinkova, Czech Technical University, Czech Republic (mail to

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