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Inge  Sandholt


Associate Professor


University of Copenhagen, Institute of Geography


Østervoldgade 10


+45 35322500



Research interests:

Remote Sensing;
Land Surface Process Modelling;
Water resources (West Africa);
Land use ;
Spatial processes;
Climate Change Impacts;

Involvement in research projects:

Current PI-research projects with external funding:

New approaches to the study of land surface processes based on multi-sensor remote sensing data. Travel Grant, Danish Research council for Nature and Science. (PI) Partners: University of Boston and University of Copenhagen

AMMA-TTC – Extension of AMMA-EU, EU-FP6. (PI - with Jan Polcher, CNRS) Partners: 17 Westafrican universities and research institutions + 42 European AMMA partners

Developing new methodologies for agricultural and rangeland applications in the tropics based on new generation satellite data (KISS project) Danish Research Council for Technology and Production (PI) Partners: University of Copenhagen (lead); NASA-GSFC, USA; Kenyatta University, Kenya;

AMMA-IP, African Monsoon Multidisciplinary Analyses: Workpackage on human processes, adaptation and environmental interactions. EU FP6 University of Copenhagen (lead) + 12 European and African partners

Advisor for PhD students:

1. Simon R. Proud (BRDF modelling, Meteosat Second Generation);
2. Mads Olander Rasmussen (Thermal infrared remote sensing, water stress, Meteosat Second Generation);
3. Marc E. Ridler (Data assimilation in hydrological models)

Key publications:

Stisen, S., Jensen, KH, Sandholt, I, Grimes, D, (2008) “A remote sensing driven distributed hydrological model of the Senegal River basin” Journal of Hydrology, 354, (1-4): 131-148

Stisen, S., Sandholt, I., Nørgaard, A., Fensholt, R.,Jensen, K.H. (2008) “Combined thermal inertia- and triangle-method to estimate regional evapotranspiration using MSG-SEVIRI data – Applied to the Senegal River basin.” doi:10.1016/j.rse.2007.08.013 Remote Sensing of Environment

Fensholt R., Sandholt I., Rasmussen M.S., Stisen S, and Diouf A.. (2006) “Evaluation of satellite based primary production modelling in the semi-arid Sahel” Remote Sensing of Environment, 105(3): 173-188 DEC 15 2006

Gobron, N., Pinty, B., Aussedat, O., Chen, J.M., Cohen, B., Fensholt, R., Gond, V., Hummerich, K.F., Lavergne, T., Melin, F., Privette, J.L., Sandholt, I., Tabener, M., Turner, D.P., Verstraete, M. and Widlowski, J.L. (2006), “Evaluation of fraction of absorbed photosynthetically active radiation products for different canopy radiation transfer regimes: Methodology and results using Joint Research Center products derived from SeaWiFS against ground-based estimations” JOURNAL OF GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH-ATMOSPHERES 111 (D13): Art. No. D13110 JUL 15 2006

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Fensholt, R., Sandholt., I, Stisen, S. and Tucker, CJ. (2006). “Vegetation monitoring with the geostationary Meteosat Second Generation SEVIRI sensor.” Remote Sensing of Environment Volume 101, Issue 2, Pages 141-282 (30 March 2006)

Fensholt R, Sandholt I (2005) Evaluation of MODIS and NOAA AVHRR vegetation indices with in situ measurements in a semi-arid environment INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF REMOTE SENSING 26 (12): 2561-2594 JUN 20 2005

Fensholt R., Sandholt I., Rasmussen M.S. (2004) ”Evaluation of MODIS LAI, fAPAR and the relation between fAPAR and NDVI in a semi-arid environment using in situ measurements” Remote Sensing of Environment 91 (3-4): 490-507 Jun 30 2004

Elberling B., Fensholt R., Larsen L., Petersen A.I.S., and Sandholt I. (2003) “Soil organic matter turnover in savannah and groundnut fields controlled by seasonal trends in soil water content” Geografisk Tidsskrift/Danish Journal of Geography 103(2): 47 56

Sandholt I., Andersen J., Dybkjær G., Nyborg L., Lô M., Rasmussen K., Refsgaard J.C., Høgh-Jensen K., and Toure A. (2003a) “Integration of Earth Observation data in distributed hydrological models: the Senegal River basin” Canadian Journal of Remote Sensing, vol 29:6, pp 701-710

Fensholt R. and Sandholt I. (2003b) “Derivation of a shortwave infrared water stress index from MODIS near- and shortwave infrared data in a semi-arid environment” Remote Sensing of Environment, 87(1): 111-121

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Andersen J., Sandholt I., Jensen K.H., Refsgaard J.C., and Gupta H. (2002) “Perspectives in using a remotely sensed dryness index in distributed hydrological models at river basin scale” Hydrological Processes 16(15): 2973-2987

Sandholt I., Rasmussen K., and Andersen J. (2002a) “A simple interpretation of the surface temperature/vegetation index space for assessment of soil moisture status” Remote Sensing of Environment, 79(2-3): 213-224

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