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Lars  Troldborg


Research Hydrologist


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Hydrology


Øster Voldgade 10, DK-1350 København K


+45 38 14 27 92



Research interests:

Hydrological modeling

Integrated Water Resources Management

Hydrogeological heterogeneity

Conceptualization in hydrological modeling

Environmental tracers

Involvement in research projects:

National water resources model (
Climate change impact on ecological conditions in stream (

Advisor for PhD students:

Key publications:

Troldborg, L., KH. Jensen, P. Engesgaard, JC. Refsgaard, K. Hinsby, 2008: Simulation of age and environmental tracer concentrations in a complex shallow aquifer, Journal of Hydrologic Engineering 13(11), 1037-1048

Henriksen, HJ., L. Troldborg, AL. Højbjerg, JC. Refsgaard, 2008: Assessment of exploitable groundwater resources of Denmark by use of ensemble resource indicators and a numerical groundwater-surface water model, Journal of Hydrology 348(1-2), 224-240

Nilsson, B., A. L. Højberg, J. C. Refsgaard, L. Troldborg, 2007: Uncertainty in geological and hydrogeological data, ( Hydrol. Earth Syst. Sci., 11, 1551–1561

Troldborg, L., KH. Jensen, P. Engesgaard, JC. Refsgaard, 2007: The Importance of Alternative Conceptual Models for Simulation of Concentrations in a Multi-aquifer System, Hydrogeology Journal, 15(5), 843-860

Alvarado, J. A. C., R. Purtschert, K. Hinsby, L. Troldborg, M. Hofer, R. Kipfer, W. Aeschbach-Hertig, H. Arno-Synal. 2005: Cl-36 in modern groundwater dated by a multi-tracer approach (H-3/He-3, SF6, CFC-12 and Kr-85): a case study in quaternary sand aquifers in the Odense Pilot River Basin, Denmark, Applied Geo-chemistry, 20(3), 599-609

Henriksen, HJ., Troldborg, L., Nyegaard, P., Sonnenborg, TO., Refsgaard, JC. And Madsen, B. 2003: Methology for construction, calibration and validation of a national hydrological model for Denmark, Journal of Hydrology (280) p52-71.

Troldborg, L. 2004: The influence of conceptual models on simulation of flow and transport in Quaternary aquifer systems, PhD thesis, Technical University of Denmark and Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Copenhagen, GEUS report 2004/107.

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