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Peter  Engesgaard


Associate Professor


University of Copenhagen, Geological Institute


Øster Voldgade 10


+45 3532 2464



Research interests:

Reactive transport in groundwater

Physical and Chemical Hydrogeology and Heterogeneity


Seawater intrusion

Groundwater age dating

Involvement in research projects:

ALERT: Sustainable Management of Water Resources by Automated Real-Time Monitoring. Funded by the EU. Use of time-lapse 3D geoelectric volumetric models to constrain hydrogeological modeling of ground water flow and saltwater intrusion. Collaboration with British Geological Survey and University of Almeria. PhD student: Arni Antonsson, Geological Institute.

CLEAR: Center for Lake Restoration, Funded by VELUX FOUNDATION. Collaboration with South Danish University (SDU), National Environmental Research Institute (NERI/DMU), Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), and Biological Institute (KU).

MioMod: Miocene Aquifers in Jutland. Funded by GEOCENTER. Collaboration with Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland (GEUS), co-supervisor for PhD student Peter Scharling, GEUS.

Advisor for PhD students:

Arni Antonsson, KU, main supervisor (Salt water intrusion)

Peter Scharling, KU, co-supervisor (Geological modelling of Miocene aquifers)

Meththika Vithanage, KU, co-supervisor (Effect of Tsunami on groundwater in Sri Lanka)

Jacob Kidmose, KU, main supervisor (Seepage to lakes)

Key publications:

Recent publications (2004-2007)

Engesgaard, P., A.L. Højberg, K. Hinsby, K.H. Jensen, T. Laier, F. Larsen, E. Busenberg, and L.N. Plummer, (2004), Transport and time lag of CFCs in the unsaturated zone, Rabis Creek, Denmark, Vadose Zone Journal, 3, 1249-1261.

Højberg, A.L., P. Engesgaard, P.L. Bjerg, (2005), Pesticide transport in an aerobic aquifer with variable ph – Modeling a field scale injection experiment, J. Contam. Hydrol., 78, 231-255.

Lønborg, M.J, P. Engesgaard, P.L. Bjerg, and D. Rosbjerg (2006), A steady state redox zonation approach for modeling the transport and degradation of xenobiotic compounds from a landfill site, J. Contam. Hydrol., 87, 191-210.

Seifert, D. and P. Engesgaard, (2007), Use of tracer tests to investigate changes in flow and transport properties due to bioclogging of porous media, accepted for publication in press, J. Contam. Hydrol.

Troldborg, L., J.C. Refsgaard, K. Høgh Jensen and P. Engesgaard (2007). The Importance of Alternative Conceptual Models for Simulation of Concentrations in a Multi-aquifer System, Hydrogeology Journal, accepted for publication.

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