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Bertel  Nilsson


Senior research hydrogeologist


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Hydrology


Øster Voldgade 10, DK-1350 Copenhagen K, Denmark





Research interests:

Uncertainty assessment in integrated water management

Lake hydrology

Groundwater – Surface Water Interaction

Nutrients and pesticide degradation in wetlands

Flow dynamics and transport processes in fractured glacial tills

Site characterisation and design of monitoring network

Stimulation and remediation technologies in low permeable soils

Hydraulic fracturing

Development of level-determined groundwater sampling techniques

Involvement in research projects:

Strategic research council project: REMediation and assessment TEChnologies for contaminated soil and groundwater (REMTEC). 2008-2011.

EU project STRESOIL: In situ stimulation and remediatiuon of contaminated fractured soils. 2004-2007.

EU project HARMONIRIB: Harmonising Techniques and Representative River Basin Data for Assessment and Use of Uncertainty Information in Integrated Water Management. 2002-2006.

CLEAR (a Villum Kann Rasmussen Centre of Excellence project): Lake restauration. 2006-2011.

Research project on “Metodology to classify groundwater/surface water interaction”

Advisor for PhD students:

Jacob Kidmose, Geological Institute (KU) - CLEAR project

Key publications:

Brüsch, W.; Nilsson, B., 1993. Nitrate transformation and water movement in a wetland area. In: Hiilbricht-Ilkowska, A. & Pieczynska E. (Editors).Nutrient Dynamics and Retention in Land/Water Ecotones of Lowland, Temperate Lakes and Rivers. Kluwer Academic Publish-ers, Belgium. Hydrobio¬logia, 251, 103-111.

Nilsson B, Jakobsen R, Andersen LJ 1995. Development and Testing of Active Groundwater Samplers. Journal of Hydrology, 171, 223 - 238.

Nilsson B, Luckner L, Schirmer M 1995. Field Trials of Active and Passive Samplers in Gravel Packed Wells. Journal of Hydrology, 171, 259 - 289.

Sidle RC, Nilsson B, Hansen M, Fredericia J 1998. Spatially varying hydraulic and solute transport characteristics of a fractured till determined by field tracer tests, Funen, Denmark. Water Resources Research, Vol. 34, No. 10, pp. 2515-2527.

Murdoch L, Harrar WG, Nilsson B, Slack W, Siegrist R 1999. In situ measurements in frac-tured till using sidewall sensors. Journal of Nordic Hydrology, Vol. (4/5).

Broholm K, Nilsson B, Sidle RC Arvin E 2000. Transport and biodegradation of creosote compounds in clayey till, a field experiment. Journal of Contaminant Hydrology, 41, 239-260.

Nilsson B, Sidle RC, Klint KE, Bøggild CE and Broholm K 2001. Mass transport and scale-dependent hydraulic tests in a heterogeneous glacial till - sandy aquifer system. Journal of Hydrology, 243 (3-4), 162-179 .

Mortensen AP, Jensen KH, Nilsson B, Juhler RK 2004. Multiple tracing experiments in un-saturated fractured clayey till. Vadose Zone Journal, 3:634-644.

Refsgaard JC, Nilsson B, Brown J, Klauer B, Moore RV, Bech T, Vurro M, Blind M, Castilla G, Tsanis I and Biza P (2005). Harmonised Techniques and Representative River Basin Data for Assessment and Use of Uncertainty Information in Integrated Water Management (HarmoniRiB). Environmental Science and Policies 8 (2005) 267-277.

Refsgaard JC, van der Keur P, Nilsson B, Müller-Wohlfeil D-I and Brown JD (submitted). Uncertainties in river basin data at various support scales – Example from Odense Pilot River Basin. HESSD - Special Issue on Uncertainties in hydrological observations (Eds: J. Freer, J. C. Refsgaard, J. Seibert, and E. van Loon), pp 1943-1985

Nilsson, B., Højbjerg, A.L., Refsgaard, J.C. & Troldborg, L. 2007: Uncertainty in geological and hydrogeological data. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 11, 1551-1561.

Dahl, M., Nilsson, B., Langhoff, J.L. & Refsgaard, J.C. 2007: Review of classifcation systems and new multi-scale typology of groundwater-surface water interaction. Journal of Hydrology 344, 1-16.

Harrar, W.G., Murdoch, L.C., Nilsson, B. & Klint, K.E.S. 2007: Field characterization of vertical bromide transport in a fractured glacial till. Hydrogeology Journal 15(8), 1473-1488.

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