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Peter van der Keur


Senior Scientist


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Dept. of Hydrology


Østervoldgade 10, 1350 Copenhagen K





Research interests:

Hydrologic modeling of water and solute transport in unsaturated zone.

Soil-Vegetation-Atmosphere-Transferschemes (SVAT).

Data and model uncertainty (mainly) in unsaturated zone.

Involvement in research projects:

Projects I am or have been involved since I joined GEUS.

Evaluate implications of future climate changes for the risk assessment of pesticides leaching to the aquatic environment. This project involves providing simulated upper boundary input data by means of the 1-D pesticide leaching model MACRO to the MIKE-SHE groundwater model.

Assessment of tools for mapping vulnerability of pesticide leaching to groundwater resources for parts of Denmark with clayey soils. This involved use of the dual porosity model MACRO. Info:

NeWater (EU-FP6):
New Approaches to Adaptive Water Management under Uncertainty
The Newater project is on developing Adaptive Management, understood as Integrated Water Ressources Management under uncertainty. I am involved in the workblock on enhancement of tools being developed within Newater as well as existing tools so they can be used by water managers in relevant catchment inside and outside Europe. Design of dissemination plans and training & guidance material is the main activity of the workpackage I have the responsibilty for.I am further involved in the crosscutting workgroup on uncertainty in IWRM and have been lead author of a report and paper on this subject

HarmoniRiB (EU-FP5):
Harmonised Techniques and Representative River basin Data for Assessment and Use of Uncertainty Information in Integrated Water Management,
In this project I was involved in the Odense catchment case study, where an uncertainty assessment was conducted for the DAISY model, coupled to the MIKE-SHE. Selected DAISY model parameters were sampled by Latin Hypercube Sampling and the model run in Monte Carlo model. Uncertain DAISY output timeseries were then further propagated to the MIKE-SHE model.

Designation of vulnerable areas in Denmark with respect to pesticide leaching
My involvement in the KUPA project was to conduct Monte Carlo type simulations with the dual porosity MACRO model for several sandy soil profiles. The results of these simulations were then combined with inherent soil properties, e.g. soil texture, in a statistical analysis in order to arrive at a vulnerability map for pesticide leaching.

Advisor for PhD students:

Spring 2009: Xiaohui Lui (GGI) regarding Daisy modelling of surface water balance.

Key publications:

Van der Keur, P., Henriksen, H.J., Refsgaard, J.C., Brugnach, M., Pahl-Wostl, C., Dewulf, A. & Buiteveld, H. (2008) Identification of Major Sources of Uncertainty in Current IWRM Practice Illustrated for the Rhine basin. Water Resources Management.DOI 10.1007/s11269-008-9248-6.

Van der Keur, P., Hansen, J.R., Hansen, S. and Refsgaard, J.C. (2008) An uncertainty assessment on nitrate leaching from the rootzone using the SVAT model DAISY with data from the Odense river basin. Vadose Zone J. 7:10-21. DOI:10.2136/vzj2006.0186

Jacobsen, C.S., van der Keur, P., Iversen, B.V., Rosenberg, P., Barlebo, H.C., Torp, S., Vosgerau, H., Juhler, R.K., Erntsen, V., Rasmussen, J., Brinch, U.C., and Jacobsen, O.H. Variation of MCPA, Metribuzine, Methyltriazine-amine and Glyphosat degradation, sorption, mineralisation and leaching in different soil horizons. Environmental Pollution (10.1016/j.envpol.2008.06.002)

Van der Keur, P. & Iversen, B.V. (2006). Uncertainty in soil physical data at river basin scale. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 10(6): 889-902

Iversen, B.V., van der Keur, P. and Vosgerau (2008). Hydrogeological Relationships of Sandy Deposits: Modeling of Two-Dimensional Unsaturated Water and Pesticide Transport. J. Environ.Qual. 37:1909-1917. DOI: 10.2134/jeq2006.0200.

Refsgaard, J.C., van der Sluijs, J.P., Brown, J. & van der Keur, P.(2006). A framework for dealing with uncertainty due to model structure error. Advances in Water Resources, 29(11): 1586-1597.

Boegh, E., Thorsen, M., Butts, M.B., Hansen, S., Christiansen, J.S., van der Keur, P., Abrahamsen, P., Soegaard, H., Schelde, K., Thomsen, A., Hasager, C.B., Jensen, N.O. & Refsgaard, J.C. (2004). Incorporating remote sensing data in physically based distributed agro-hydrological modelling. J. Hydrol. 287, 279-299

Van der Keur, P. van der, Hansen, S. ,Thomsen, A. & Schelde, K.(2001).: Modification of DAISY SVAT model for potential use of remotely sensed data. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 106 (2001) 215-231

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