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Kurt  Sørensen


Associate Professor


University of Aarhus, Department of Earth Sciences


Høegh-Guldbergsgade 2, 8000 Aarhus C.


+45 23 38 23 20



Research interests:

Electrical and Electromagnetic methods for Hydrogeophysical Characterization
Development of Geophysical Instrumentation

Involvement in research projects:

Advisor for PhD students:

Key publications:

Auken, E., Pellerin, L., Christensen, N. B., and Sørensen, K. I., 2006, A survey of current trends in near-surface electrical and electromagnetic methods: Geophysics, 71, G249-G260.
Johansen, H. K. and Sørensen, K. I., 1979, Fast Hankel transforms: Geophysical Prospecting, 27, 876-901.
Thomsen, R., Søndergaard, V. H., and Sørensen, K. I., 2004, Hydrogeological mapping as a basis for establishing site-specific groundwater protection zones in Denmark: Hydrogeology, 12, 550-562.
Sørensen, K. I., 1989, A method for measurement of the electrical formation resistivity while auger drilling: First Break, 7, 403-407.
Sørensen, K. I. and Christensen, N. B., 1994, The fields from a finite electrical dipole - A new computational approach: Geophysics, 59, 864-880.
Sørensen, K. I., 1996, Pulled Array Continuous Electrical Profiling: First Break, 14, 85-90.
Sørensen, K. I. and Larsen, F., 1999, Ellog Auger Drilling: 3-in-one Method for Hydrogeological Data Collection: Ground Water Monitoring & Remediation, 19, 97-101.
Sørensen, K. I., Effersø, F., Auken, E., and Pellerin, L., 2002, A method to estimate hydraulic conductivity while drilling: Journal of Hydrology, 260, 15-29.
Sørensen, K. I. and Auken, E., 2004, SkyTEM - A new high-resolution helicopter transient electromagnetic system: Exploration Geophysics, 35, 191-199.
Sørensen, K. I., Auken, E., Christensen, N. B., and Pellerin, L., 2005, An Integrated Approach for Hydrogeophysical Investigations. New Technologies and a Case History in Near-surface Geophysics Part II: SEG.

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