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Eva Bøgh


Associate Professor


Roskilde University, Geography department


Universitetsvej 1


+45 4674 3942



Research interests:

Application of soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer (SVAT) models (Daisy, DaisyGIS) for evaluating water and nitrogen balance components.

Quantitative evaluation of Earth observations with respect to land surface bio-physical characteristics and their integration in soil-vegetation-atmosphere transfer modelling.

Development and application of computer models for predicting CO2 fluxes and evapotranspiration rates based on leaf physiological functioning and surface energy balance considerations.

Integrated hydrological and physical stream habitat modelling

Involvement in research projects:

Climate change impacts on ecological conditions in streams,

The nitrogen balance and its impact on the European greenhouse gas balance,

Remote sensing of leaf nutrition and its incorporation for biochemical and environmental modeling of crop photosynthesis and evapotranspiration,

Estimation of water vapour- and carbon dioxide exchange over a heterogeneous Danish landscape,

Advisor for PhD students:

John Conallin
Martin Olsen

Key publications:

Houborg, R. M., Soegaard, H. and Boegh, E. (2007). Combining Vegetation Index and Model Inversion Methods for the Extraction of key Vegetation Biophysical Parameters using Terra and Agua MODIS Reflectance Data. Remote Sensing of Environment 106: 39-58.

Veihe, A. Jensen, N.H., Boegh, E. Pedersen, M.W. and Frederiksen, P. (2006). The power of models in planning: the case of DaisyGIS and nitrate leaching. Geografiska Annaler, 88 Series B(2), 215-229.

Wagener, T., Franks, S., Bøgh, E., Gupta, H.V., Bastidas, L., Nobre, C. and Galvão, C.O. (2005). Regional Hydrological Impacts of Climatic Change – Hydroclimatic Variability. IAHS Publication 296, ISSN 0144-7815, IAHS Press.

Wagener, T., Franks, S., Gupta, H.V., Bøgh, E., Bastidas, L., Nobre, C. and Galvão, C.O. (2005): Regional Hydrological Impacts of Climatic Change – Impact Assessment and Decision Making. IAHS Publication 295. ISSN 0144-7815, IAHS Press.

Boegh, E., Thorsen, M., Butts, M.B., Hansen, S., Christiansen, J.S., Abrahamsen, P., Hasager, C.B., Jensen, N.O., van der Keur, P., Refsgaard, J.C., Schelde, K., Soegaard, H. and Thomsen, A. (2004): Incorporating remote sensing data in physically based distributed agro-hydrological modelling. Journal of Hydrology 287: 279-299.

Boegh, E., Soegaard, H., Christensen, J. H., Hasager, C. B., Jensen, N.O., Nielsen, N. W. and Rasmussen, M. S. (2004): Combining weather prediction and remote sensing data for the calculation of evapotranspiration rates - application to Denmark. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 25(13): 2553-2574.

Boegh, E. and Soegaard, H. (2004): Remote sensing based estimation of evapotranspiration rates. International Journal of Remote Sensing, 25(13): 2535-2551.

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