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Henrik  Madsen


Senior Research Scientist


DHI Water - Environment - Health,


Agern Allé 5, 2970 Hřrsholm


+45 45 16 92 42



Research interests:

Hydrological modelling

Uncertainty analysis

Data assimilation

Parameter estimation (inverse modelling)


Extreme value analysis (floods and droughts)

Involvement in research projects:

Integration of modelling, monitoring and optimisation technologies for real-time management of groundwater resources.

Parameter estimation and uncertainty assessment in hydrological modelling.

Use of surrogate modelling techniques in data assimilation, optimisation and uncertainty estimation.

Reservoir optimisation.

Advisor for PhD students:

Roberta Blasone (Parameter and uncertainty estimation in hydrological modelling).

Emiliano Gelati (Optimisation of water resources systems using evolutionary algorithms with surrogate modelling)

Key publications:

Recent publications:

Madsen, H., Wilson, G. and Ammentorp, H.C., 2002, Comparison of different automated strategies for cali-bration of rainfall-runoff models, Journal of Hydrology, 261, 48-59.

Madsen, H., Mikkelsen, P.S., Rosbjerg, D. and Harremoës, P., 2002, Regional estimation of rainfall-intensity-duration-frequency curves using generalised least squares regression of partial duration series sta-tistics, Water Resources Research, 38(11), 1239, doi: 10.1029/2001WR001125.

Madsen, H., 2003, Parameter estimation in distributed hydrological catchment modelling using automatic calibration with multiple objectives, Advances in Water Resources, 26, 205-216.

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Jakobsen, F. and Madsen, H., 2004, Comparison and further development of parametric tropical cyclone models for storm surge modelling, Journal of Wind Engineering and Industrial Aerodynamics, 92, 375-391.

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Madsen, H. and Jakobsen, F., 2004, Cyclone induced storm surge and flood forecasting in the Northern Bay of Bengal, Coastal Engineering, 51, 277-296.

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Mikkelsen, P. S., Madsen, H., Arnbjerg-Nielsen, K., Rosbjerg, D. and Harremoës, P., 2005, Selection of re-gional historical rainfall time series as input to urban drainage simulations at ungauged locations, Atmos-pheric Research, 77, 4-17.

Sřrensen, J.V.T., Madsen H. and Madsen H., 2006, Parameter sensitivity of three Kalman filter schemes for assimilation of water levels in shelf sea models, Ocean Modelling, 11, 441- 463.

Drécourt, J.P., Madsen, H., Rosbjerg, D., 2006, Bias aware Kalman filters: Comparison and improvements, Advances in Water Resources, 29, 707-718.

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Ngo, L.L., Madsen, H., Rosbjerg, D., 2007, Simulation and optimisation modelling approach for operation of the Hoa Binh reservoir, Vietnam, Journal of Hydrology, In Press.

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