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Bo Vangsø Iversen


Senior Scientist


Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Aarhus, Department of Agroecology and Environment


Research Centre Foulum, P.O. Box 50, DK-8830 Tjele, Denmark


+45 89 99 17 28, mobile phone (+45 60 76 60 18)



Research interests:

Unsaturated soil hydrology
Vadose zone processes
Hydraulic characterisation of soils
Soil and water dynamics
Modelling of transport processes
Spatial variability and scale effects
Pedotransfer functions
Soil physics
Air and water permeability

Involvement in research projects:

HOBE - The HOBE research center is a Danish initiative bringing together 7 multidisciplinary research groups in order to enhance the scientific understanding of large-scale hydrological processes.

Concept for appointing areas vulnerable to pesticides (KUPA): The project aims at developing an operational concept for identifying areas where shallow aquifers are vulnerable to pesticide contamination.

Action Plan for the Aquatic Environment III (VMPIII): "Pointing out risk areas in relation to the loss of phosphorous to the surface water".

Geology-dependent Variation in Transport Processes with respect to Risk Assessment of Phosphorus Loss (GEORAP).

Micro-economic instruments for impact assessment of multifunctional agriculture to implement the Model of European Agriculture (MEA-Scope). MEA-Scope supports the realisation of sustainability of agriculture and forestry by addressing their multifunctional role in rural areas. MEA-Scope develops an integrated framework for the assessment of the multifunctionality impacts of the CAP reform.

Advisor for PhD students:

Key publications:

Iversen, B.V., P. van der Keur, H. Vosgerau 2008. Hydrological relationships of sandy deposits: Modeling of two-dimensional unsaturated water and pesticide transport. Journal of Environmental Quality 37(5):1909-1917.

Børgesen, C.D., B.V. Iversen, O.H. Jacobsen, M.G. Schaap 2008. Pedotransfer functions estimating soil hydraulic properties using different soil parameters. Hydrological Processes 22(11):1630-1639.

van der Keur, P., B.V. Iversen 2006. Uncertainty in soil physical data at river basin scale – a review. Hydrology and Earth System Sciences 10(6):889-902.

Vinther, F. P., U. C. Brinch, L. Elsgaard, L. Fredslund, B.V. Iversen, S. Torp, C. S. Jacobsen 2008. Field-scale variation of microbial activity and soil properties in relation to sorption and degradation of pesticides in a sandy soil. Journal of Environmental Quality 37(5):1710-1718.

Jacobsen C.S., P. van der Keur, B.V. Iversen, P. Rosenberg, H.C. Barlebo, S. Torp, H. Vosgerau, R.K. Juhler, V. Ernstsen, J. Rasmussen, U.C. Brinch, O.H. Jacobsen 2008. Variation of MCPA, Metribuzine, Methyltriazine-amine and Glyphosate degradation, sorption, mineralization and leaching in different soil horizons. Environmental Pollution 156(3):794-802.

Schjønning, P., B.V. Iversen, L.J. Munkholm, R. Labouriau, O.H. Jacobsen 2005. Pore characteristics and hydraulic properties of a sandy loam supplied with animal manure or mineral fertilizers for a century. Soil use and Management 21: 265-275.

Plauborg, F., B.V. Iversen, P.E. Lærke 2005: In situ comparison of three dielectric soil moisture sensors in drip irrigated sandy soils. Vadose Zone Journal 4: 1037-1047.

Iversen, B.V., P. Moldrup, P. Loll 2004: Runoff modelling at two field slopes: use of in situ measurements of air permeability to characterise spatial variability of saturated hydraulic conductivity, Hydrological Processes 18(5):1009-1026.

Iversen, B.V., P. Moldrup, P. Schjønning, O.H. Jacobsen 2003: Field application of a portable air permeameter to characterize spatial variability in air and water permeability, Vadose Zone Journal 2(4):618-626.

Iversen, B.V. , P. Moldrup, P. Schjønning, P. Loll 2001: Air and water permeability in differently-textured soils at two measurement scales. Soil Science 166(10):643-659.

Poulsen, T.G., B.V. Iversen, T. Yamaguchi, P. Moldrup, P. Schjønning 2001: Spatial and temporal dynamics of air permeability in a constructed field. Soil Science 166(3):153-162.

Iversen, B.V., P. Schjønning, T.G. Poulsen, P. Moldrup 2001: In situ, on-site and laboratory measurements of soil air permeability: boundary conditions and measurement scale. Soil Science 166(2):97-106.

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