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Finn Lars Plauborg


Senior scientist, PhD


Faculty of Agricultural Sciences, University of Aarhus, Agroecology and Environment


Research Centre Foulum, P.O.Box 50, DK-8830 Tjele


+45 8999 1809



Research interests:

(1) Agro meteorology and agro hydrology

evaporation measurements and modelling

micro-meteorological methods


crop coefficients

modelling of unsaturated water flow

(2) Unsaturated flow and transport

sampling of water, nutrients, and pesticides


Involvement in research projects:

(1) leaching of pesticides under normal agricultural practice

(2) flow of water and nutrients in potatoes using e.g. TDR and 1- and 2D numerical modelling

(3) efficient irrigation and decision support systems

Advisor for PhD students:

Seyed Hamid Ahmadi
Jeppe Kjaersgaard

Key publications:

Plauborg, F., Iversen, B.V. & Lærke, P.E., 2005. In situ comparison of three dielectric soil moisture sensors in drip irrigated sandy soils. Vadose Zone Journal 4, 1037-1047.

Heidmann, T., Plauborg, F.L., Lærke, P.E., Hansen, S. & Iversen, B. V., 2005. Simulation of water and nitrogen dynamics in a fertigated potato crop. 14th Nitrogen Workshop, 24-26 October 2005, Maastricht. Plant Research International, Wageningen. Book of abstracts, p.170.

Iversen, B.V., Plauborg, F. & Heidmann, T., 2005. Two Dimensional Modeling of Soil Water Transport in Drip Irrigated Potatoes, 2005. International annual meetings, Salt Lake City, USA, 6-10 November, Abstracts 2005 International Annual Meetings, ASA-CSSA-SSSA, CD-rom. 1p,

Lærke, P.E., Plauborg, F., Schjørring, J.K. & Andersen, M.N., 2005. The effect of new strategies of nitrogen application on nitrogen uptake and biomass production in potatoes (Solanum tuberosum) during growth. In: Li, C.J. et al. (eds.). Plant Nutrition for Food Security, Human Health and Environmental Protection, Tsinghua University Press, China. Proceedings the 15th International Plant Nutrition Colloquium, 14-19 September 2005, Beijing, Kina. Poster presentation no. P-2-54, pp. 282-283.

Kjær, J., Olsen, P., Barlebo, H.C., Henriksen, T., Juhler, R.K., Plauborg, F., Grant, R., Nygård, P. & Gudmundsson, L., 2005. The Danish Pesticide Leaching Assessment Programme. Monitoring results May 1999 - June 2004. Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Copenhagen, October 2005. ISBN 87-7871-166-5, 86 pp + appendixes.

Plauborg, F., Grant, R. & Ullum, M., 2003. Development of an automated sampling technique for estimation of pesticides concentrations in drainage flow. Proceedings of the XII Symposium Pesticide Chemistry Pesticide in air, plant, soil & water system. Piacenza, Italy. p. 789-800.

Ullum, M., Henriksen, T., Kjær, J., Plauborg, F. & Olsen, P., 2003. Leaching of metribuzin and its metabolites from a sandy soil: Comparison between field, laboratory and modelling data. European Geophysical Society 2003. Geophysical Research Abstracts 5, 14492

Van Der Keur P., Ullum, M., Kjaer, J. & Plauborg, F., 2003. Assessment of the MACRO model sensitivity for water balance in the unsaturated zone. Proc. XII Symp. Pesticide Chemistry pesticide in air, plant, soil & water system. Piacenza, Italy. p. 451-456.

Plauborg, F. & Heidmann, T., 2005. FertOrgaNic results on drip irrigation and nitrogen fertigation in Denmark - Data and modelling. Workshop on "Nitrogen in crop growing systems". Udine, Italy, October 13. p. 15.

Refsgaard, J.C., Kern-Hansen, C., Plauborg, F., Ovesen, N.B. & Rasmussen, P., 2003. Ferskvandets kredsløb og tidslige variationer. Kapitel 6 i: Henriksen, H.J. & Sonnenborg, A. (Eds). 2003 NOVA-Temarapport. Ferskvandets kredsløb. Danmarks og Grønlands Geologiske Undersøgelse, Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser, Miljøministeriet, Danmarks JordbrugsForskning, Danmarks Meteorologiske Institut. p. 1-20.

Plauborg F., 2002. Simple model for 10 cm soil temperature in different soils with short grass. European Journal of Agronomy 17(3) 173-179.

Ullum, M., Kjær, J., Plauborg, F. & Jørgensen, J.O., 2002. Model performance of an uncalibrated model with respect to groundwater recharge. European Geophysical Society, XXVII General Assembly Nice, France, 21-26 April 2002. 1 pp.

Plauborg, F., Refsgaard, J.C., Henriksen, H.J., Blicher-Mathiesen, G. & Kern-Hansen, C., 2002. Vandbalance på mark- og oplandsskala. DJF rapport - Markbrug 70, 45 pp.

Plauborg, F. Andersen, M.N. Heidmann, T. & Olesen, J.E., 1996. Markvand: A decision support system for irrigation scheduling. In Camp, C.R.; Sadler, E.J. & Yoder, R.E. (eds): Evaporation and Irrigation Scheduling. Proceedings of International Conference. November 3-6, 1996. San Antonio, Texas. ASAE, 527-535.

Plauborg, F., 1995. Evaporation from bare soil in a temperate humid climate. Measurement using micro-lysimeters and time domain reflectometry. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 76 (1995), 1-17.

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