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Jens Raunsø Jensen


Associate Professor, Ph. D


Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Department of Basic Sciences and Environment, Agrohydrology


Thorvaldsensvej 40, DK 1871 Frederiksberg


35 33 33 87



Research interests:

Water dynamics in the topsoil (stratification in topsoil physical properties; soil management; field water balance).

Land use and hydrology in the tropics (irrigation and drainage; wetland rice; soil and water conservation in semi-arid areas; salinity management in dry regions)

Integrated Watershed Development and Management

Use of marginal-quality water incl. wastewater and saline water

Participatory Irrigation

Adaptation in Land and Water management to climate change

Involvement in research projects:

Improved water resources management in irrigated agriculture in the Red River Basin.

Advisor for PhD students:

Le Van Chinh: Improved water resources management in the Red River Basin, Vietnam (starting May09).

Daraghme, Omar: Topsoil structure and hydraulic parameters as influenced by soil tillage practices (finalised)

Abushbak, Thaer H. R.: An experimental and modelling investigation of soil aquifer treatment system: Gaza City case. (finalised)

Gafur, A.: Effect of shifting cultivation on runoff, soil erosion and nutrient losses in small watersheds in Chittagong Hill Tract, Bangladesh (finalised).

Key publications:

Jensen, J.R., Bernhard, R., Hansen, S., McDonagh, J., Møberg, J.P. and Nielsen, N.E. (2003). Productivity in maize-based cropping systems under various soil-water-nutrient management strategies in a semi-arid alfisol environment in East Africa. Agricultural Water Management ,59:217-237.

Gafur, Abdul, Jensen, J.R., Borggaard, O.K. and Petersen, L. (2003). Runoff and losses of soil and nutrients from small watersheds under shifting cultivation (Jhum) in the Chittagong Hill Tracts of Bangladesh. Journal of Hydrology, 274: 30-46.

Comprehensive Assessment of Water Management in Agriculture. (2007). Water for Food, Water for Life: A comprehensive assessment of water management in Agriculture. London: Earthscan and Colombo: In-ternational Water Management Institute. (Contributing author, Chp 16).

MERAP (Middle East Regional Agricultural Programme) (2007). Salinity Management in Dry Regions. Funda-mentals and experiences from Egypt, Israel, Jordan, and Palestinian Authority. MERAP, Ramallah. (Editor: J R Jensen). pp 230.

Daraghmeh, O.A, Jensen, J.R and Petersen, C.T. (2008). Near-saturated hydraulic properties in the surface layer of a sandy loam soil under conventional and reduced tillage. Journal Soil Science Society America 72: 1728-1737.

Daraghmeh, O.A, Jensen, J.R and Petersen, C.T. (2008) Soil structure stability under conventional and reduced tillage in a sandy loam. Geoderma 150:64-71.

Xiaoying Liu, Xurong Mei, Yuzhong Li, Qingsuo Wang, Yahua Wu, Jens Raunsø Jensen and John Porter (2009). The Ångström-Prescott coefficients affected by time scale and their effect on estimation of so-lar radiation. Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 149: 697-710.

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