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Morten Lauge Pedersen


Assitant Professor


Aalborg University, Civil Engineering


Sohngaardsholmsvej 57





Research interests:

Interactions between hydrology and river morphology. Physical habitats and geomorphological dynamics of river systems. Stream / river ecology. Freshwater invertebrate ecology in river systems. Hydrological, geomorphological, chemical and biological aspects of river restoration. Carbon dynamics in river systems and catchments

Involvement in research projects:

Assessment of re-instated spawning gravel in Danish streams 1999-2000.
Standardisation of River Classifications: Framework method for calibrating different biological survey results against ecological quality classifications to be developed for the Water Framework Directive (STAR) EU FP6 project 2000- 2003.
Relationships between ecological and chemical status of surface waters (REBECCA) EU FP6 Project. Activity leader. 2003 – 2006.
Development of a hydromorphology protocol for use in Slovak rivers and streams. TWINNING LIGHT PROJECT Feb 2004 – Aug 2004.
Stream bed stability in Danish lowland streams – Post Doc. project financed by the Carlsberg Foundation Jan 2004 – Dec 2005.

Advisor for PhD students:

Ole Munch Johansen 2008 -

Key publications:

Pedersen, M.L. 2008: Effects of channelisation, riparian structure and catchment area on physical habitats in small lowland streams. Fundamental and Applied Limnology (Archiv Für Hydrobiologie). In Press.

Pedersen, M.L. & Friberg, N. 2008: Influence of disturbance on habitats and biological communities in lowland streams. Fundamental and Applied Limnology (Archiv Für Hydrobiologie). In Press.

Sand-Jensen, K. & Pedersen, M.L. 2008. Streamlining of plant patches in streams. Freshwater Biology 53: 714-726.

Pedersen, M.L., Friberg, N., Skriver, J. Baattrup-Pedersen, A. & Larsen, S.E. 2007: Restoration of Skjern River and its valley – Short term impacts on river morphology, in-stream habitats, macrophytes and macroinvertebrates. Ecological Engineering 30: 145-156.

Pedersen, M.L., Andersen, J.M. Nielsen, K. & Linnemann, M. 2007: Restoration of Skjern River and its valley. General ecological changes in the project area. Ecological Engineering 30: 131-144.

Kronvang, B., Andersen, I.K., Hoffmann, C.C., Pedersen, M.L., Ovesen, N.B. &Andersen, H.E. 2007. Water exchange and deposition of sediment and phosphorus during inundation of natural and restored lowland floodplains. Water Air Soil Pollution 181: 115–121.

Pedersen, M.L. & Friberg, N. 2007: Two lowland stream riffles – linkages between physical habitats and macroinvertebrates across multiple spatial scales. Aquatic Ecology 41:475–490.

Friberg, N., Baattrup-Pedersen, A., Pedersen, M.L. & Skriver, J. 2005: The new Danish Stream Monitoring Programme (NOVANA) - preparing monitoring activities for the Water Framework Directive era. - Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 111: 27-42.

Pedersen, M.L., Friberg, N. & Larsen, S.E. 2004: Physical habitat structure in Danish lowland streams. - River Research and Applications 20: 653-669.

Kronvang, B., Bechmann, M., Pedersen, M.L. & Flynn, N. 2003: Phosphorus dynamics and export in streams draining micro-catchments. Development of empirical models. - Journal of Plant Nutrition and Soil Science 166: 469-474.

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