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Ole Bøssing Christensen


Senior Scientist


Danish Meteorological Institute, Danish Climate Centre


Lyngbyvej 100


+45 39157426



Research interests:

Regional climate modelling. Climate change. Extremes and their change.

Involvement in research projects:

EU projects ENSEMBLES, CECILIA, ClimateCost. Danish project PRECIOUS

Advisor for PhD students:

Not currently

Key publications:

J.H. Christensen and O.B. Christensen, 2007: A summary of the PRUDENCE model projections of changes in European climate by the end of this century. Climatic Change, 81, 7-30.

D. Jacob, L. Bärring, O.B. Christensen, J.H. Christensen, M. de Castro, M. Déqué, F. Giorgi, S. Hagemann, M. Hirschi, R. Jones, E. Kjellström, G. Lenderink, B. Rockel, E. Sánchez, C. Schär, S.I. Seneviratne, S. Somot, A. van Ulden and B. van den Hurk, 2007: An inter-comparison of regional climate models for Europe: model performance in present-day climate. Climatic Change, 81, 31-52

M. Beniston, D.B. Stephenson, O.B. Christensen, C.A.T. Ferro, C. Frei, S. Goyette, K. Halsnaes, T. Holt, K. Jylhä, B. Koffi, J. Palutikof, R. Schöll, T. Semmler and K. Woth, 2007: Future extreme events in European climate: an exploration of regional climate model projections. Climatic Change, 81, 71-95

Christensen, O. B., and J. H. Christensen, 2004: Intensification of extreme European summer precipitation in a warmer climate. Global and Planetary Change, 44, 107-117

Christensen, J. H., and O. B. Christensen, 2003: Severe summertime flooding in Europe, Nature, 421, 805-806.

Christensen, J. H., and O. B. Christensen, 2001: Regional Climate Scenarios - A study on precipitation. In A. M. K. Jørgensen, J. Fenger, and K. Halsnæs (eds): Climate Change Research - Danish Contributions,
Gads forlag.

Christensen, J. H., J. Räisänen, T. Iversen, D. Bjørge, O. B. Christensen, and M. Rummukainen, 2001: A synthesis of regional climate change simulations -A Scandinavian perspective. Geoph. Res. Lett., 28,

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