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Flemming Larsen


Senior Researcher


Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, Hydrology


10 Østervoldgade, DK-1350 Cph. K


+45 38142777



Research interests:

Hydrogeology and groundwater geochemistry

Involvement in research projects:

VietAs - Arsenic in the Red River Flod Plain, Vietnam

Water Resource Research in Zambia

CO2 storage in the subsurface in Denmark

Arsenic in Danish Drinking water

Deep Saltwater in Chalk in Denmark

Advisor for PhD students:

Søren Jessen, DTU,
Helle Ugilt Sø, DTU,
Ellen Prip Bonesen, DTU,

Key publications:

Publications in peer-reviewed international journals since 2004:

Larsen, F, Nhan Q. P., Nhan D. D., Postma, D., Jessen, S., Viet H.P., Thao B. N.,, Huy D. T., Hoan N., Chambon, J., Hoan, V. N., Dang H. Ha, N. T. H and Mai T. Duc, Controlling geological and hydrogeological processes in an arsenic contaminated aquifer on the Red River flood plain, Vietnam, Accepted for publication in Applied Geochemistry.

Jessen, S, Larsen, F., Postma, D, Pham Quy Nhan, Pham Hung Viet, Mai Thanh Duc, Nguyen Thi Minh Hue, Trieu Duc Huy, Dang Hoang Ha, Jakobsen, R. Palaeohydrogeological control on groundwater Arsenic levels in the Red River delta, Vietnam Accepted for publication in Applied Geochemistry.

Postma, D., Larsen, F., Nguyen, T. M.H., Mai, T.D., Pham, H. V., Pham, Q. N., Jessen, S., 2007: Arsenic in groundwater of the Red River floodplain, Vietnam: controlling geochemical processes and reactive transport modeling. Geochim. Cosmochim. Acta 71, 5054-5071.

Hinsby, K., Højberg, A., L., Engesgaard, P., Jensen, K.H., Larsen, F., Busenberg, E. and Plummer, L.N., Transport and degradation of chlorofluorcarbons (CFC) in a pyretic aquifer, Rabis Creek, Denmark. Water Resources Research, 43, W10423-1-W10423-15.

Heimann, A., C., Blodau, C., Postma, D., Larsen, F., Pham, H., V., Pham, Q., N., Jessen, S., Mai, T., D., Nguyen, T., M., H & Rasmussen, R.., (2007). Hydrogen threshold and steady state concentrations associated with microbial arsenate respiration. Env. Science and Tech. 41, 2311-2317.

Clausen, L., Arildskov, N., P., Larsen, F., Aamand, J. and Albrechtsen, H. J, (2007). Degradation of the herbicide dichlobenil and its metabolite BAM in soils and sediments. (2007) Journal of Contaminant Hydrology 89 (157-173).

Jessen, S., Larsen, F., Koch, B., C. & Arvin, E, (2005) Sorption and Desorption of Arsenic onto Ferrihydrite in a Sand Filter. Env. Science and Tech., 39, 8045-8051.

Clausen, L., Larsen, F. & Albrechtsen, H., J., (2004): Sorption of the herbicide dichlobenil and the metabolite 2,6-dichlorobenzamide on soils and aquifer sediments. Env. Science and Tech., 38, 4510-4518.

Engesgaard, P., Højberg, A. L., Hinsby, K., Jensen, K.H., Laier,T., Larsen,F., Busenberg,E. & Plummer,L.N. (2004): Transport and time lag of chlorofluorocarbon gases in the unsaturated zone, Rabis Creek, Denmark. Vadose Zone Journal, 3, 1249-1261.

Kjøller, C., Postma, D. & Larsen, F. (2004): Groundwater acidification and the mobilization of trace metals in a sandy aquifer. Environmental Science and Technology, 38, 2829-2835.

Kjøller, C., Larsen, F., Jessen, S. & Postma, D. (2004): Mobility of Ni in carbonate aquifers. Geochimica Cosmochimica Acta, 68, (11S), A369.

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