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Anders Branth Pedersen




National Environmental Research Institute, Department of Policy Analysis


Box 358, Frederiksborgvej 399, 4000 Roskilde


+45 46 30 12 25



Research interests:

*Policy analysis
*Environmental economics and ecological economics
*Sustainable Impact Assessments
*Network approaches
*Decision-making processes - in particular regarding nature restoration projects

Involvement in research projects:

* Project leader for project for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (2008-10): Barriers in farmer decision-making regarding pesticide use.
* Project for the Nordic Council of Ministers (2008): An Analysis of the Gothenburg Protocol (air emissions).
* Project for the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency: Economic Marine Information (2008)
* Project within Partnership for European Environmental Research (PEER) (2008-2009): Climate Policy Integration, Coherence and Governance.
* Project for the Danish Environmental Protection Agency: State of the Danish Environment (2009)
* Project for the Baltic Sea Region Programme: Waterpraxis (2009)
* Lecturer in Environmental Politics, University of Aarhus

Advisor for PhD students:

Key publications:

Pedersen, A.B. 2009 (forthcoming): "Why David sometimes defeats Goliath - The power of actors in disprivileged land-use policy networks", in Land Use Policy.

Pedersen, A.B. 2009 (forthcoming): "The Fight over Danish Nature: Explaining Policy Network Change and Policy Change" in Public Administration.

Nielsen, H.Ø., A.B. Pedersen & T. Christensen 2009 (forthcoming): "Environmentally sustainable agriculture and future developments of the CAP" in European Integration.

Mickwitz, P., Aix, F., Beck, S., Carss, D., Ferrand, N., Görg, C., Jensen, A., Kivimaa, P., Kuhlicke, C., Kuindersma, W., Máñez, M., Melanen, M., Monni, S., Pedersen, A.B., Reinert, H., van Bommel, S. 2009, Climate Policy Integration, Coherence and Governance, Helsinki.

Hasler, B., Martinsen, L., Pedersen, A.B., Fonnesbech-Wulff, A., Neye, S.T. 2008, "Annex I. Denmark", i The economic value of ecosystem services provided by the Baltic Sea and Skagerrak: Existing information and gaps of knowledge (eds. T. Söderqvist & L. Hasselström), Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Stockholm.

Hasselström, L., Hasler, B., Martinsen, L., Pedersen, A.B., Petersen, L.K., Tukhanen, H., Kurki, K., Sievänen, T., Huhtala, A., Kowatsch, A., Vanags, A., Kaleja, A., Kalis, M., Semèniènè, D., Sceponaviciute, R., Daugintiene, S., Czajkowski, M., Markowska, A., Zygmunt, M., Zylich, T., Volchkova, N. 2008, Tourism and recreation industries in the Baltic Sea area - How are they affected by the marine environmental state?, Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, Stockholm.

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Pedersen, A.B. 2006: Fra landvindingspolitik til naturgenopretningspolitik - policy-netværks magt og forandring [From Land Reclamation Policy to Nature Restoration Policy: the power and change of policy networks]. PhD thesis. Danmarks Miljøundersøgelser og Aarhus Universitet. Institut for Statskundskab. Forlaget Politica. - Politicas ph.d.-serie : 371 s.
Findes på:

Daugbjerg, C. & Pedersen, A.B. 2004: "New Policy Ideas and Old Policy Networks: Implementing Green Taxation in Scandinavia". - Journal of Public Policy 24(2): 219-249.

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