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Majken Looms


Post doc.


University of Copenhagen, Department of Geography and Geology


ุster Voldgade 10, DK-1350 Copenhagen K


(+45) 3532 2444



Research interests:

Hydrology and water resources, unsaturated flow and transport processes, parameter identification, numerical modeling.

Hydrogeophysics, including georadar and resistivity tomography.

Involvement in research projects:

Advisor for PhD students:

Key publications:

1. International journal papers

Looms, M.C., K.H. Jensen, A. Binley, and L. Nielsen. 2008. Monitoring unsaturated flow and transport using cross-borehole geophysical methods. Vadose Zone Journal 7, 227-237.

Hansen, T.M., M.C. Looms, and L. Nielsen. 2008. Inferring the sub-surface structural covariance model using cross-borehole ground penetrating radar tomography. Vadose Zone Journal 7, 249-262.

Cordua, K.S., M.C. Looms, and L. Nielsen. 2008. Accounting for correlated data errors during inversion of cross-borehole ground penetrating radar data. Vadose Zone Journal 7, 263-271.

Looms, M.C., A. Binley, K.H. Jensen, L. Nielsen, and T.M. Hansen. 2008. Identifying unsaturated hydraulic parameters using an integrated data fusion approach on cross-borehole geophysical data. Vadose Zone Journal 7, 238-248.

Cordua, K.S., L. Nielsen, M.C. Looms, T.M. Hansen, and A. Binley. 2009. Quantifying the influence of static-like errors in least-squares-based inversion and sequential simulation of cross-borehole ground penetrating radar data. Journal of Applied Geophysics doi:10.1016/j.jappgeo.2008.12.002.

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