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Carsten  Petersen


Associate Professor, Ph.D


Faculty of Life Sciences, University of Copenhagen, Department of Agricultural Sciences,Laboratory for Agrohydrology and Bioclimatology


Højbakkegaard Alle 9, DK - 2630 Taastrup


+45 3528 3389



Research interests:

Soil physics and soil tillage, agrohydrology.

Water and solute transport in unsaturated soil, preferential flow processes, soil structure, colloid-facilitated transport in field soils, effects of soil management on water and chemical transport, on crop root development and on the field water balance. Soil compaction, soil physical properties and crop growth.

Fundamental soil mechanics with particular weight to the critical state theory.

Remote sensing of biophysical crop parameters.

Involvement in research projects:

“Hydraulic Properties and Transport Processes in the Root Zone in relation to Soil Tillage”, funded by the Danish Ministry for Trade and Industry (“Erhvervsfremmestyrelsen”).

“Model Based Tool for Evaluation of Exposure and Effects of Pesticides in Surface Water”, funded by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency.

Advisor for PhD students:

Anne W. Clemmensen: Sphagnum as growth medium for ornamental plants. Physical properties and quality control.

Key publications:

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