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Ebba Dellwik


Senior Scientist


Risø National Laboratory, DTU, Wind Energy Division


Frederiksborg vej 399, 4000 Roskilde


+45 46775032



Research interests:

Interaction of land surface with the atmosphere with the focus on the atmosphere.

More specific interests:
Aggregation of micro scale (~1km) parameters to meso-scale (10-100km).

Measurement (eddy covariance) and modeling of water vapour and carbon dioxide fluxes between land and atmosphere.

Boundary layer structure over forest and internal boundary layer growth.

Involvement in research projects:

Current FIVA-relevant projects:
2009-2012 "Implementing Earth observations, advanced satellite based atmospheric sounders and distributed temperature sensing for effective land surface representation in water resource modelling"

Finished FIVA relevant projects:
CarboEurope (

Advisor for PhD students:

Joakim Refslund Nielsen

Key publications:

2009 Dellwik E., Mann J., Bingöl F., Larsen K.S.: Mean vertical velocities and flow tilt angles at a fetch-limited forest site in the context of carbon dioxide vertical advection. BioGeoSciences Disc., 6, 8167-8213.

2009 Boegh E., Poulsen, R.N, Butts, M., Abrahamsen, P., Dellwik E., Hansen, S., Hasager, C.B., Loerup, J.-K., Pilegaard, K., Soegaard, H., Jensen N.O. : Remote sensing based evapotranspiration
and runoff modeling of agricultural, forest and urban flux sites in Denmark: From field to macro-scale, Journal of Hydrology, accepted for publication.

2008 Mammarella I., Dellwik E., Jensen N.O.: Turbulence spectra, shear-stress and tubulent kinetic energy budgets above two beech forest sites in Denmark, Tellus B, 60:2, 179-187.

2008 Lagergren F., Lindroth A.,Dellwik E., Ibrom A., Lankreijer H., Launiainen S., Mölder M., Kolari P., Pilegaard K., Vesala T.: Biophysical controls on CO2 fluxes of three Northern forest based on long-term eddy covariance data, Tellus B, 60:2, 143-152.

2008 Lindroth A., Lagergren F., Aurela M., Bjarnadottir B., Christensen T., Dellwik E., Grelle A., Ibrom A., Johansson T., Lankreijer H., Launiainen H., Laurila T., Mölder M., Nikinmaa E., Pilegaard K., Sigurdsson B. and Vesala T.: Leaf area index is the principal scaling
parameter for both gross photosynthesis and ecosystem respiration of Northern deciduous and coniferous forests, Tellus B, 60:2, 129-142.

2007 Mann J., Dellwik E., Bingöl F., Rathmann O.: Laser measurements of flow over forest, The science of making torque from wind, Lyngby (DK), Phys.: Conf. Ser. 2007, 75, 7p.

2007 Ibrom A., Dellwik E., Jensen N.O., Flyvbjerg H., Pilegaard K.: Strong low-pass filtering effects on water vapour flux measurements with closed-path eddy correlation systems, Agricultural Forest Meteorology, 147:3-4, 140-156.

2007 Ibrom A., Dellwik E., Larsen S.E., Pilegaard K.: On the use of the Webb - Pearman -Leuning - theory for closed-path eddy correlation measurements of carbon dioxide and water
vapour, Tellus B, 59:5, 937-946.

2006 Dellwik E., Jensen N.O., Landberg L.: WAsP in the forest, Wind Energy, 9:3, 211-218.

2005 Dellwik E., Jensen N.O. Flux-profile relationships over a fetch limited beech forest, 9:3, 211-218., Boundary Layer Meteorology, 115:2, 179-204.

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